We are Epic Gaming Fantasy, and the people that we call friends are people just like you. Join our gaming community today, today join EGF!



Wir sind Epic Gaming Fantasy, und die Menschen, die wir unsere Freunde nennen, sind Leute genau wie du. Tritt bei unserer Gaming Community, tritt bei EGF!


Born is the Fantasy!


We're not just thinking of, but also living out the fantasies that are complementary to every game, movie, song, painting or even book! We like to call ourselves EGF in short, and (Work in Progress)


We want to deliver and highlight the fantasy behind art - and as you can see above, whatever type that might be of! Our let's plays shall lighten up your mood, and our music playlists will show you songs hidden beneath the engulfing layer of YouTube and the Industry - sounds that you otherwise would not have been able to listen to. Do not let the industry tell you what to like and not!


In The Always Open Tavern, our primary forum section, we've got the General EGF Discussion for all things EGF. No matter what it is EGF related that is on your mind, go and share it with the community! 

Still not member of EGF although you're interested? Here you can sign up, and there you go introduce yourself! Let us hear your voice!


New Let's Play Series: STRIFE!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to our first ever episode of Let's Strife! Have you heard of, or maybe even participated in the recent MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) discussions recently? Have rude communties been bothering you in your favorite MMORPGs? Have you ever been harassed or accused of poor performance?

Well, grief no more! Strife is a MOBA with its gameplay based upon teammates being friendly to each other. How it is supposed to work and wether or not the game succeeds in creating a friendly environment - it's covered in the video! Have fun watching!


New Let's Play Series: TRINE 2!

Hallöchen und Herzlich Willkommen zum ersten Teil des Let's Trine! Lust auf eine Partie Fantasy Abenteuer? Auf in die magische Welt von Trine - doch sei gewarnt, sie lässt einen kaum noch los!

Verbesserungsvorschläge sind ebenso wie Wünsche - wie immer - gern gesehen. Doch vergesst nicht, sie uns auch mitzuteilen!


Skyrim OST - 01 Dragonborn

We've just uploaded Skyrim OST in 1440p: 

Skyrim Official Soundtrack - 01 Dragonborn

Enjoy the Original and the Original only - without any low quality compressions! Take an audio test below!


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